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Flavoured Palm Leaf Bowl And Chew Carrot Blueberry

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Mini flavoured palm leaf bowl and chew for small pets 

Made with natural fruit juice, safe for small pet consumption!

What are palm leaf bowls? 
Palm leaf bowls are made from drying and pressing palm leaf.

Palm trees naturally shed their old leaves, which are then picked up and put to good use! No trees are cut down making the process eco-friendly!

In addition to this environmentally conscious production method, these palm leaf bowls are biodegradable and compostable (after all, they are literally a leaf!)

Safe For

Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas

Please supervise your pet while giving them any toy or treat.


4" by 4" each
This is a natural product so please allow room for slight variation

Mess Alert

This product may make a mess while your pet is playing with it.

Customer Reviews

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The piggies loved it!

My guinea pigs were unsure at first as this was the first time I bought this bowl, but when they realized it can be eaten they didn't stop munching on!

None of our products are intended for growing, pregnant or lactating animals.