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Digestive Support Treats - Natural Remedy Gastrointestinal Support

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Gastrointestinal Support Remedy For Small pets 

20 Treats Per Bag

We saw the ingredients in a leading brand's digestive support supplements. The 'supplement' had fillers, preservatives and even unsafe ingredients! After that, we decided to make our own! We took the bad stuff out and left your pet with the natural alternative! 

Why it Works: 

- No fillers

- No Preservatives 

- No Unsafe Ingredients 

- 100% Natural, Backed By Science 

Packaged in a heat-sealed bag for your pet's safety. Should be given sparingly as a treat. Store in a cool dry place.


Timothy Hay, dandelion root (source of inulin), dandelion flower, chamomile, banana and oat.

Please contact your vet before adding any new foods to your pet's diet.

Safe For

Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Please supervise your pet while giving them any toy or treat.


Though this product will be packed securely, due to its fragile nature we cannot guarantee this product will not break or crack during transit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stacy and Thumper
These are awesome!

I saw the post Crazy Critter Toys made about these on Instagram. Comparing them to Oxbow. I love how natural these are! Thumper loves them too!


My rabbit was struggling with some sort of digestive upset. I figured these couldn’t hurt and she was doing great by the next day!

These are SO AMAZING

I decided to try these instead of the oxbow ones for a week. I will be ordering more they are great for healthy poops!

None of our products are intended for growing, pregnant or lactating animals.