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Natural Palm Leaf Bowl and Chew Toy

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Mini Palm Leaf Bowl 

Perfect for snacks and safe to chew! 

 Unflavoured palm leaf bowls, flavoured options available too!

Comes with a FREE waterproof crazy critter treats sticker! Perfect for the car or laptop!

Crazy Critter Treats
Crazy Critter Toys

Safe For

Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas

Please supervise your pet while giving them any toy or treat.


4" by 4" each
This is a natural product so please allow room for slight variation

Mess Alert

This product may make a mess while your pet is playing with it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephy Zee
Hamster loves this!

I added this to my order and wasn’t sure if my hamster would like it. Turns out he’s obsessed! He loves to chew on it and has recently started sleeping in it! I had to order a couple more! Thanks for making Neko a happy ham!


We ordered this plain palm bowl and a flavoured one. Bun was very interested in the flavoured one. Liked to chew it. Took him a few days to try this plain one but he likes it now too! Very nice


My bun wasn’t too interested in chewing on this BUT that’s is okay because that means I can keep using it for his pellets! He still gives it a little nibble once in a while. I rly like the sticker on the front such a cute design nice touch

None of our products are intended for growing, pregnant or lactating animals.