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Fruit Infused Willow Fling Toy

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Fruit infused toss toy for small pets; perfect boredom breaker for all sizes! 

Untreated willow wood infused with organic fruit and vegetable juice. No dyes or artificial flavours added

Willow wood is cut and planed on our own property, making it ethically sourced and 100% organic. 

Natural seagrass rope adds an extra crunch!

Choose from a Berry-Infused fling or a Vegetable-infused fling. 


Berry Flavoured- Untreated willow wood, seagrass rope, fresh cranberries and blueberry extract.

Veggie Flavoured- Untreated willow wood, seagrass rope, fresh carrot and kale extract.

Please contact your vet before adding any new foods to your pet's diet.

Safe For

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Rats and Mice.

Please supervise your pet while giving them any toy or treat.

Mess Alert

This product may make a mess while your pet is playing with it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My bun loved this!

My girl bun has a sweet tooth and she could not stop licking and chewing this toy. She is a Netherland dwarf and had an issue with her teeth growing too long before so I’m always happy to find chew toys that she likes!

6 out of 6 hamsters liked these chews!

I have 6 hamsters and they all liked the berry flavored wood chews. My hamster that loves chew toys the most liked hers so much that I have had to order a new one for her!

Hammy likes this one too!

At first my hamster was only nibbling on the rope, but then she started on the blocks and hasn’t stopped! Love that the colour is all natural!

None of our products are intended for growing, pregnant or lactating animals.