Changes Coming September 2024

The Crazy Critter Club is going to operate on a seasonal schedule effective Setpember 1st. This means we will only send out 4 boxes a year on a quarterly schedule. All cuurent subscriprions will be altered september first and we will no longer be offering monthy or bi-monthly boxes.

  • The Most Diverse Small Pet Subscription Box!

    Recieve a currated box that contains products safe for your pet! Options include Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Rats and Mice. Every pet, one place!

  • Enjoy Complete Control

    Personally edit your subscription using our login-free portal! Edit your billing information, shipping address, skip a delivery or cancel anytime*.

  • No Surprises! (Except for the good ones)

    Shipping remains flat rate each month ($12.00). We will not spontaneously increase our prices or charge you any surprise fees!

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I access the login-free portal?

When you join the Crazy Critter Club, you will recieve a confrimation email along with a link to your portal. Ensure you have checked your spam folder and contact us if you cannot find the link. We will happily send it your way!

Will the products I get all be from Crazy Critter Co?

Yes! Currently our club boxes are filled with fun toys and treats made only by us- that means no boring pet store junk!

Can I Skip a delivery?

Yes! Acsess the login-free portal in order to make changes, like skipping your next box delivery or changing the frequency of your subscription.

How many products can I expect to get?

In every box you can expect to find 4-6 products for your pet! Reaching an average total value of $45 or more!

How much is shipping?

We currently have one shipping option for the Crazy Critter Club. Shipping is tracked and will remain flat rate each month: $12.00cad | $11.00usd | £12.00gbp |€14.00eur

Will guinea pig boxes contain oat treats?

No! Oat is not recommended for guinea pigs, instead guinea pig boxes will contain barley or hay-based treats.

*cancelations must be made before your next billing date. For aditional information regarding subscriptions please see Subscription Policy.

Products purchased at checkout along with a subscription may be shipped separately.